riot games beyond thunderdome

Received awards from "Awwwards" and "FWA site of the day".

League of Legends, one of the most popular games of all time, has over 100 million monthly players and die hard fans. Their creator, Riot Games, wanted to create a website experience to showcase their weekend hackathon, “Thunderdome”. High impact was needed, as a single email would be expected to activate 100k fans inside of a few hours with the potential for millions of viewers in the first weekend alone.



Create a sexy, interactive site that imparts a sense of environment, showcases player data with generative graphics and an interactive 3D globe map displaying world-wide player activity. It had to be tuned well from the get-go, and would require backend scalability.


Create an entertaining interactive website worthy of the attention brought on by millions of League of Legends fans.



The Thunderdome website launched on schedule to the fans of League of Legends, and successfully served over 150,000 users opening weekend.


Over the next few months it would receive several prestigious awards from "Awwwards" and "FWA site of the day".

The project was implemented with an AngularJS front end, interactive SVG graphics, and a WebGl 3d data visualization.