Morph 3D morph character system


Daz 3D launched the Morph brand with a mission to
expand their 3D technology and content platform into the game and real time simulation markets. Given the technological requirements of real time 3D graphics, as the Morph team we needed to create a new ecosystem.


Create a scalable and monetizable game engine character platform that could serve game developers and content creators


The Morph Character System was released in the fall of 2015, it made a big splash on the Unity asset store and over the next year was downloaded about 20,000 times. The character system consists of a Unity plugin and specially processed 3D assets. The plugin allows developers to customize the appearance of a high quality 3D figure with over 300 blendshapes/morphs: fat to thin, young to old and many details in between. A large variety of auto-fit clothing can then be used to attire the customized figure. The completed character can then be used in the Unity game engine for games and presentations. Development of this system gave us an opportunity to dive deep in Unity 3D’s API and build a processing pipeline that converts external 3D content into Unity ready assets.