jaybird reign

Awarded Best of Show CES 2104 by Tech Crunch and Engadget.


Jaybird, known for high-end Bluetooth sports headphones, wanted to branch out into fitness apps and hardware. They needed someone to help them create the mobile app, and supporting cloud storage for the fitness data. Additionally, a release of the prototype was due for CES 2014 to help get distribution contracts for store release June 2015. The success of the app and fitness band would be directly correlated to our ability to make a splash at CES.


Create a high-end mobile app suitable for elite athletes, and a data storage service scalable for the expected growth of the first year.


The Jaybird Reign fitness app and matching fitness band was released at the consumer electronics show (CES) in 2014 to rave reviews. It received the coveted “best of show” award by TechCrunch and Engadget. The success of the launch was a critical step in the product in Best Buy and The Apple store. It’s success eventually led to an acquisition by Logitech.
Built in objective-C, this application features multithreaded data manipulation and custom interactive charts. A custom drawing library made in C was made specifically for the unique gauges and widgets featured in the users various dashboards.

The tech stack for project was complex, consisting of objective-C code for IOS devices, java for Android, a javascript REST API called Parse Server for cloud storage, a custom C drawing library, and a C++ BLE library for device communication.