We make custom software for those who can't.

This is what we do

Technology • Art • Innovation

web applications

From front-end, user experiences to backend applications, we have experience designing, integrating and implementing solutions to real world problems.

desktop & 3D graphics

We make desktop applications for high-end 3d graphics, data visualization, and simulation. Perfect for arch viz, games, even simple business apps.

IOT & device prototypes

We’re empowered by years of eclectic experience to build all parts of a project including the API, client app, and device firmware.

Kiosk & installations

Need to fuse interactive technology, and art? Previous projects include drawbots for art festivals, bullet-time rigs, kiosks and virtually reality experiences.

We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works. - Douglas Adams


Below are some examples of our recent work.

Morph Character System

Daz 3D launched the Morph brand with a mission to expand their 3D technology and content platform into the game and real time simulation markets. Given the technological requirements of real time 3D graphics, as the Morph team we needed to create a new ecosystem.

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Beyond Thunderdome

Create a sexy, interactive site that imparts a sense of environment, showcases player data with generative graphics and an interactive 3D globe map displaying world-wide player activity. It had to be tuned well from the get-go, and would require backend scalability.

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Jaybird, known for high-end Bluetooth sports headphones, wanted to branch out into fitness apps and hardware. They needed someone to help them create the mobile app, and supporting cloud storage for the fitness data. Additionally, a release of the prototype was due for CES 2014 to help get distribution contracts for store release June 2015. The success of the app and fitness band would be directly correlated to our ability to make a splash at CES.

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Ready Room

Armed with a real-time character platform, Morph 3D was positioned to develop strategic partnerships and demonstrate value to potential investors. They required a showcase for their content and technology.

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With 20,000 developers using their new interactive character platform (MCS), Morph3D had a new problem that needed to be solved: attracting top-tier game artists to produce and sell fresh content for ravenous game developers.

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Hi, We are Polyhorse.

Polyhorse was founded by Ian King and Jesse Gomez to offer our experience as programmers, artists and project managers for hire. Our broad work experience allows us to bring a unique perspective in tackling technological challenges.

Whether your website needs a face lift, you need a custom REST API, or your store front needs a fun and funky kiosk, we're here to help!

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